Manual Vs. Electronic Garage Doors: The Advantages And Disadvantages

Have you ever questioned what the difference is in between owning a manual garage door versus an electronic one? In this post, you will learn more about the benefits and drawbacks of each kind of garage door. Depending upon your family requires, you may find yourself gravitating towards one type of garage door over another. Continue reading and you will have all the info you need to make an informed option.

Handbook Garage Doors

Pros of Handbook Garage Doors


Manual garage doors are unquestionably less expensive compared to electronic garage doors. If you are aiming to conserve some money, you may wish to think about installing a manual garage door instead of an electronic design.

Simpler to Keep

Since manual garage doors have fewer parts, you can rely on them being much easier to maintain. Electronic garage doors are more complex and need homeowners to remain on top of a range of parts that might require to be consistently kept or repaired.

Cons of Manual Garage Doors

Fewer Safety Features

Property owners might think about staying away from manual garage doors if they are worried about safety. Manual garage doors do not have the exact same stopping and security functions as electronic designs. If you are worried about your garage door injuring somebody, you might wish to think about an electronic model rather.

Electronic Garage Doors

Pros of Electronic Garage Doors

Fundamental Security Features

Electronic garage doors are best for families with young kids or pets. They include safety sensing units that are able to stop the garage door from moving when one of the sensing units is set off. For instance, if your animal or child ran under the garage door while it is moving, and electronic garage door will stop and prevent crushing or injury.


Electronic locks are merely more convenient compared to manual garage doors. You can utilize a push-button control from your automobile or keypad connected to the garage to run the door. Electronic garage doors are great if you want benefit and an easily operated system that will conserve you time.

Cons of Electronic Garage Doors

Expensive to Purchase and Repair

Because electronic garage doors are more intricate, they have more parts and pieces. Due to the fact that there are additional parts compared to a manual garage door, you can count on requiring more maintenance from an expert year-round. Some designs may be more cost-effective than others depending upon their quality.

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